‘City Streets are the Real Runways!’

STREETWEAR™ COLOR RICH is dedicated to capturing the Street fashion across different cities in India, for it’s audiences. 

With popular fashion blogger, Rhea Gupte, on board we are endeavoring to capture the trendiest styles, the magnificent cultures and the delectable cuisines from across the country.

From the lehariya cladded streets of Jaipur to the phulkari laden lanes of Punjab, we will explore all facets of Indian fashion to inspire and encourage Indian women to define their own personal style! We want you to discover the colors that make us all beautiful.

Welcome to our journey.


Colors of Jaipur

We traversed through Jaipur sighting bright colors to encapsulate our culturally rich experience in the city. From the busy markets filled with locals clad in distinct prints and traditional silhouettes to a leather export factory with it's opulent craftsmanship and design, we tried to capture as many unique nooks of the pink city as possible in our short stay. The expert artistry in blue pottery, making bangles from lac and the meticulous art of block printing had us inspired endlessly. It summed up everything the StreetWear™ Color Rich brand is about; tradition and expertise with a proud 'Made in India' emblem.



It summed up everything the StreetWear™ Color Rich brand is about; tradition and expertise with a proud 'Made in India' emblem."

Images Courtesy: Rhea Gupte


Cheerfully Chunky

Carry off layers of chunky metallic jewelry and thigh high boots. For some of us fabulous divas, fashion week lasts all through the year.


Be A Shoe-a-holic

Money can’t buy you happiness and prince charming. But Cinderella proved that the right pair of shoes can totally transform your life.

Creative Reflections

Art mimics life with these evocatively coloured birds. They hang around like the best friends that know your crazy but love you anyway.

Hues of Passion

The passionate hues of red tint on the street vendors intricate designs on earthen vessels.

Carry Off Those Colors

Fashion is in the colors that surround us, the streets, the people and the many little things along the way. #WhyNot colour yourself happy?

Color Clash

When Vogue editor Diana Veerland said, “Pink is the navy blue of India,” she was all sorts of right.

In The Spotlight

In a canary yellow, this little girl’s bubbly smile and look shines like a ray of sunshine.